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BBC: Chagos Islands: Africa’s last British colony?

Evicted from paradise. Fifty years ago, the UK forced the Chagossian people to leave their island

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THE GUARDIAN: Chagos islanders’ exile is ongoing breach of human rights, court told

Appeal begins on behalf of two Chagossians forcibly deported by Britain in the 1970s. Denying

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THE GUARDIAN: £40m for islanders exiled from British territory goes unspent

Chagossians promised aid go hungry as coronavirus renders them jobless in a foreign state. Chagos

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THE GUARDIAN: UK could forfeit security council seat over Chagos Islands dispute, former diplomat claims

Defying the UN’s highest court may put Britain’s place at the international top table in


THE GUARDIAN: Jeremy Corbyn: I’d grant sovereignty of Chagos Islands to Mauritius if PM

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would ‘right the wrongs of history’ by granting sovereignty

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BBC: UK’s Chagos Islands descendants feel like ‘lost nation’

More than 50 years ago, Britain claimed sovereignty over the Chagos Islands and evicted its entire

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CNN: UK suffers major UN defeat over Chagos Islands decolonization

The United Nations General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to condemn the UK’s continued

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THE NEW YORK TIMES: Britain Dealt Defeat at U.N. Over Its Control of Chagos Islands

The United Nations General Assembly dealt Britain an embarrassing defeat on Wednesday in a

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THE NEW YORK TIMES: U.N. Court Tells Britain to End Control of Chagos Islands, Home to U.S. Air Base

The United Nations’ highest court on Monday told Britain that it should end its control “as