"Football means the world to me. I love everything about it. The teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship and the passion. I play for Chagos Island because I'm proud of who I am and where my family is from. For me football gives us a voice and  we going to use it to make sure everyone in the world hear us." - Désiré Sambouang.

Our Athletes

We have always been concerned about education and sports. Our community have had many successes in both. Since 2001 we have honoured our young Chagossians who have competed in national and international sports such as Michael Medor who ŕepresented Mauritius in Commonwealth Games in boxing and also Steeve Naraina who competed in the Olympics 1996. Priscilla Cherry and Ricardo Vythilingumwho, Judo campions; Beatrice and Dianne Etiennette in swimming  who are both champions of Mauritius.  In  football we have players like Johnny  Edmond native of Salomon Island and Stephane Bax & Christopher Caserne on the national Mauritian team as goalkeepers and many others. We are proud of and recognise the achievements of our community.