Community & Immigration Support

Together we tackle many complex challenges that stem from years of oppression and poverty. Working inclusively and collectively alongside our members, we focus our efforts on supporting each of our communities in Mauritius, Seychelles & U.K. 

Many of our families face immigration issues today. The UK Government still has not granted full citizenship rights to all Chagossians. Families face a second exile and are separated once again. We help our community complete applications and navigate this difficult process.


We also offer support with:  

"All I want is the right to live and work in this country. I have nowhere else to go. My family are from Chagos. They were forcibly removed by the UK Government and they now live here in UK. If the Government will not let me settle here, then they must allow me to settle on Chagos.’ - Dominique Elysee


Katie McQue Writes: ‘First they were evicted by the British from their island home. Now the descendants of the Chagossians are facing deportation from the same country that made them exiles’.


“It is important to note that had they not been driven from their motherland, all Chagossians would have the right to register as a British Overseas Territories Citizen in the first place, a situation the home affairs committee described as perverse. Not only have the Chagossians been evicted from their homeland, for many this has also had the effect of stripping their citizenship.”