Fighting for our Right of Return & the rights of all Chagossians

We welcome all Chagossians

Members of CRG outside the International Court of Justice, in the Hague, Netherlands, 2019

50 years ago our community was forcibly evicted from our homeland, The Chagos Islands, by the British Government to make way for a United States military base. We were exiled to the Seychelles and Mauritius where we have faced extreme hardships and poverty.

The Chagos Refugees Group is a voluntary community led organization located in Mauritius and UK. 

Established In 1983 to defend the rights and interests of all Chagossians. 

Our right to return is fundamental and will never be surrendered.

We continue this work today for our community, now based between Mauritius, The Seychelles and also several thousand Chagossians trying to live a new life in UK. 

"Let our fight be your cause, our hope be your inspiration, our trust be your motivation and our faith be your determination" - Olivier Bancoult, Chair of CRG